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Game Story: Too Exciting?

Julio Lugo rounds third after his stay-of-execution HR off of Al Reyes



TITO! Rule #6. Let's not make this mistake again. Also, two very ill-advised SB attempts. I didn't see 'Tek's, was it a potential hit-and-run situation?

That being said, let's look at the good stuff. J.D. Drew went 2-4 with 3 RBIs and 2 XBHs (2b, HR). Mike "Payday" Lowell reached base in 3 of 5 PAs. Tek's only negative on offense was his 2nd CS of the season. Eric Hinske struck out only once!

For the most part, Daisuke looked pretty good. He seemed back in that mode of "one really shaky inning plus 5-6 pretty good ones" that he was in for most of the season.

Excellent work from the bullpen, sans Javier Lopez, who was used inappropriately anyway. Eric Gagne was "not terrible" for the second night in a row, and Paps nailed down his 36th save with an efficient 9th.

The Trop feels like a perfect place for Wake to get his mojo back tomorrow. Let's keep it going.

Kinda-magic # at 6. Playoffs numerically guaranteed.