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Game Story: A Score is just a Number.

This guy (at right, not sure about the one on the left) wants to win the division. And maybe an individual award of some kind?

On a night that Josh Beckett solidified his candidacy for the Cy Young award, he first was in danger of not throwing enough innings to qualify for his 20th win. By the end of the third, he'd already thrown 967 pitches. But he bore down on the Rays and was able to exit having allowed one run on 6 baserunners, striking out 8 over 6 innings.

He was helped out by an offense that had been both spayed and neutered by the Blue Jays pitching staff earlier this week. Three HRs on the night, a 3-run job from Papi and solo shots from Lowell and 'Tek. Table-setters did their job as well, with DP and Jacoby Knievel combining to reach base 6 times and score 4 of Boston's 8 runs. Ellsbury also "knocked" himself in in the first, when he drew an errant pickoff throw to 3B, scoring when the ball got past Iwamura.

And that catch? I dunno. Pretty good I guess. ;-)

Hey. Anyone know how the Yankees did? Kidding aside, I'm going to break a self-imposed rule of mine. If you've noticed throughout the year, I've been reluctant to mention the results of Yankee games in the posts. This site isn't about them. Being a Red Sox fan isn't about the Yankees. Not to me it isn't, anyway. However, I have to admit to having faith in my fellow Sox fans tonight.

While I was at work, and saw the Jays cough up a 4-run lead in the 9th, I was never in fear that anyone from OTM would do something classless like complain on Bluebird Banter about their team blowing a lead to the Yankees. It's not our style. Let's keep it that way. *

*Does this sound self-righteous? Whatever. Say what you will, I'm happy as [censored] that no one here trolled at that point.