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Kapler wants to return to MLB

Yeah, you read the headline correctly. Gabe Kapler is stepping down as the manager of the Greenville Drive to head back to the big leagues:

"Managing was incredible for me this year," Kapler said in a statement released by the Red Sox. "I learned so much about baseball, about the young men I had an opportunity to lead, and about myself. Ultimately, the experience reawakened the competitor in me. I miss the battle. I still need to be on the field as a player."

The 32-year-old Kapler will begin seeking playing opportunities during the offseason.

"My body is as healthy as it has ever been, and I must take advantage of that," he said. "Managing was an important component of my development, and I am eternally grateful to the Red Sox for having provided me the opportunity to tackle a new challenge."

Good for him. I would have loved to see him coach his way through the minors and maybe get a job in the majors in some capacity, but this guy is a true gamer. I'm sure he's been aching to get back on the field all season long. I wish Kapler the best.

Does he have a shot with the Sox? Perhaps, but it'll be tough.