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Game Story: Simon and Garfunkel.

Son, this game (series) is what the experts refer to as a gut-punch.

Title is in reference to a song. They are not new nicknames for Tito and Buch.

...El crappo tonight. Sox lineup does nothing against Litsch and co.

Buchholz pulled after 4 2/3, presumably on a pitch count. Made an error (rookie mistake on a well-placed bunt), allowed 2 ERs and struck out 5.

MDC and Bryan Corey pitched well, as did J-Lo. Timlin did not have it, and I'm pretty certain Jonathan Papelbon was the wrong choice to get 2 outs in a bases-loaded situation.

Of note: A lack of hustle from Julio Lugo, a HR on a smooth swing from Drew, who did nothing of value afterwards, and Ellsbury reached base twice (stole 2B in the 8th).

HT to the Jays' pitching staff, which was phenomenal all series long. Even IF only one of Marcum, Litsch and McGowan is for real (how many pitchers flame out after one good season?), the one that is plus Burnett and Halladay is a great 1-2-3. If they don't go into firesale and DO pick up some offense for the SS position, they'll be in great shape next season.