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'Tek to fans: Stop booing Drew.

Not sure whether this will get anything accomplished, but hey.

"He had some good at-bats, which is really what I look at instead of hits or batting average," said Varitek. "That will be forgotten by tonight, though, because it's J.D. Drew. And that's not right."

What would be right, he says, would be a standing ovation for each and every at bat ... beginning tonight.

"I don't understand why fans don't understand that," said Varitek. "We need J.D. to hit. It's tough, though, to do in this climate. I really wish the fans would give him a boost. He needs it. And we do, too."

Supporting a talented teammate who is being booed? Who is he, Not-Derek-Jeter?

Yes, I am aware this is like apples and oranges, since A-Rod actually performed every season in NY. Not sure whether that's even a good point for Yankee or non-Drew fans to bring up.