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In the Wake of Uncreative Headlines, Sox Win Anyway!

The very picture of a child's (er, childlike) delight.

What to say about this game? I was ready to give up when the score was 8-1. Put all my rooting interests into the Jays. (Obviously, this also would've been a futile action) I did stick around long enough to see the 4-run rally in the 4th that made the score 8-5. I left the house to go to the gym at that point, though not before informing my mom of the score and declaring that "the Sox can and will get at least 3 more runs off of this bullpen". Of course, I didn't suspect this.

It's too bad no one had Kevin Cash down for their OTM tonight, even a guess of "at least 2 RBIs" would've been wild enough to perhaps secure the entire end of season contest.

Too many offensive heroes to name this evening. I think some extra attention should be given to Julio Lugo, who knocked Dioner Navarro over enough to advance two runners who would unfortunately not eventually score. It was still a good hustling play, and he also hit the 2B to bring the Sox to within one. Obviously Youks' 3B that put the Sox ahead for good was the most important hit, though the WPA numbers have Lugo's contributions as the most important. Oh yeah. And the picture of DP above was him returning after tying the game on a shot just over the monster. Excellent.

Last thought, because I'm sure you've had your fill of mine for today: retrospectively, this was way too many pitchers to use in a 16-10 game. Of those used, only Corey and Timlin are safe bets to be available tomorrow.

Tie: Youks and Lugo who had the "most timely" contributions to the attack.

Wake, who didn't have it and should probably get a start or two off.