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Game Story: Want the good news first?

britsoxfan sez: don't feed Dustin Pedroia after midnight.

MassGal: The above picture is actually the meaning of life. I was wrong earlier.

Good news:

  • After a horrible offensive series against the Yanks, the lineup was able to produce 8 runs and 22 baserunners (including the 3 HBPs).
  • Nice work by Snydes out of the 'pen.
  • In particular, a hearty pat on the back for Coco, who proved that his bat hasn't deserted him entirely.
  • The O's used 6 pitchers.
  • Rosters expand tomorrow.
  • Clay Buchholz.
Bad news:
  • Timlin's 1,000 career ML appearance was an unmitigated disaster. He was due for a blowup, I suppose.
  • Some wildness from Paps and MDC.
  • Wounded list: Kielty, Wake, "Being", Drew.
  • We used 6 pitchers. MDC, Snydes, Timlin almost certainly unavailable tomorrow.
  • Rosters, of course, expand for the O's tomorrow as well.
  • Papi hit once, Youks hit twice.
  • ...the loss, of course.
Co-winners: Eric Hinske (? I know, right?) and the Mogwai, Gizmo Pedroia