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Game Story, 08.06.07: Schill doesn't Thrill vs. LAA

Source: Yahoo!
"C'mon, man, that was a ball, man, that no strike, man."
The star of the attraction, the "Bearded Lady" as you will, didn't put together his best game possible -- although it was a lot better than his last outing in a Sox uniform. Curt Schilling lasted six innings and gave up nine hits, four runs, walked none and struck out five.

He looked better than the numbers show. His location early was pretty spot-on and I was impressed by the velocity on some of his fastballs. The killer blow was when Maicer Izturis hit a solo shot in the 7th that booted Schill out of the game.

Offensively, there's not much to talk about. Kevin Youkilis hit a two-run shot to give the Sox an early lead. It was his 12 home run of the season. JD Drew boosted his average with a 3 for 4 showing. Youk, Drew and Dustin Pedroia all stole a base off of Angels starter Jered Weaver last night. He's extremely slow to the plate. So slow even snails like Youk and Pedroia can swipe a base at half speed.

Mr. Youkilis takes the honor after his strong performance.
Let's keep it simple and say: the offense. Ortiz, Crisp, Varitek and Lowell stranded 16.