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Open Thread: 8.06.07 @ Anahiem

BOS Schilling (6-4, 4.20) LAA Weaver (7-5, 4.00) Red Sox: Pedroia, 2b Youkilis, 1b Ortiz, dh Ramirez, lf Drew, rf Lowell, 3b Varitek, c Crisp, cf Lugo, ss Angels: Figgins, 3b Cabrera, ss Guerrero, rf Anderson, dh Matthews, cf Kotchman, 1b Izturis, 2b Mathis, c Willits, lf
Remember to do OTM, folks. And please, if you have already posted your OTM, move them to this open thread as soon as possible and make sure to reply to the first comment so it's at the top. Thanks, folks.