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Game Story: 8.05.07, Don't Look Now, Sox Safe(co) For Another Day.

Oki can't watch as I recycle "jokes".

Source: Yahoo!

Even with Josh Beckett pitching, I still felt weary of this frickin voodoo-contraption-ballpark when the game started. You have to admit, though, that even though the Sox didn't make the most of their early opportunities, things looked good in the early innings.

That Beckett guy? 9 Ks in 6 2/3 IP. 0 watercoolers destroyed. If you believe either Gameday or the M's announcers (note to MLBTV: give me an option on the broadcast. Thanks.), he was hitting 100 MPH on the gun at times, his curve looked good, and the change was effective when he needed it to be. His worst enemy was himself, as he ran the pitch count up in the early innings and was unable to go deeper in the game.

Luckily, our bullpen didn't pull a "Mariners' pen" today, and the Sox were able to pile on in the later innings to create some breathing room.

Great showing by the offense today. Lowell, Coco and Drew all reached base three times apiece. Papi reached 4 times. 2Bs: (2 from Coco, one each: DP, Cora, Lugo, and Youks.) Drew hit a gorgeous RBI 3B, while "Being" hit his 19th HR, a solo shot off of M's starter Batista.

Papi stole 2nd base basically unchallenged, with Vidro probably too busy adjusting his almost certainly borrowed glove. Lugo left to steal 3rd too early, and was hung up between 3rd and 2nd for his 4th CS of the season. On defense, Crisp and Cora shined today.

Beckett, for pitching a great game.