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Game Story, 8.04.07: For one night, M's ballpark Safe(co) for Sox.

This is what I like to see.

Source: Yahoo!

On a night when the pitching was much shakier than the 3 total Mariner runs would suggest, the Sox got just enough offense.

Daisuke showed why he both bewilders opposing batters and causes blood pressure levels to rise amongst Sox fans. 10 baserunners allowed in 7 IP, while striking out 10 Mariners. 2 ER, both on solo HRs (Beltre and Betancourt).

Eric Gagne made us all a little too stressed about the 8th inning, and I'm sure I'm not the only one who yearned for Oki. Paps' two BBs get a pass today, because he most likely got hosed on a check swing call. Even so, I think this shows that he could gain a bit more maturity in those situations.

Offensively, the Sox racked up 10 hits and two BBs, with the runs scoring via an error, two on Tek's 2B (see picture), and one on Manny's 2B (see picture again if you wish, though it's not relevant).

So many choices, because it was truly a team effort this evening. I'll go with 'Tek, his 2-run 2B got us on the board and was exactly the kind of 2-out hit with runners on that we seem to be lacking as of late.

Gagne, for making me worry about the 8th inning. Should've been a clean inning. For shame, Eric Gagne, for shame.