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Open Thread: 8.04.07 @ Seattle

BOS Matsuzaka (12-8, 3.75) SEA Washburn (8-7, 4.11) Red Sox: Pedroia, 2b Youkilis, 1b Ortiz, dh Ramirez, lf Lowell, 3b Varitek, c Drew, rf Crisp, cf Lugo, ss Mariners: Suzuki, cf Vidro, dh Guillen, rf Ibanez, lf Beltre, 3b Broussard, 1b Johjima, c Lopez, 2b Betancourt, ss
OTM has been updated after yesterday's game. Speaking of OTM, I'm in the process of putting together prizes for the winner, or winners. You guys and gals should start getting excited :).