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Series Story: Swept in NY.

This, of course, is one of those old Magic Eye pictures. I'm not sure what else is supposed to be in there, but I'm pretty sure the Sox' bats are hidden somewhere in the picture. I fear no amount of focusing or not-focusing will find them.

Random thoughts on the series.

  • Curt Schilling went out and pitched his butt off, and still was beaten. Remarkably efficient, going 7 IP and only tossing 88 pitches. Outpitched teammates Josh Beckett and Daisuke Matsuzaka by a not-insignificant margin. Did not outpitch Wang.
  • Call it a win by the Yankee bats if you will, but it was really all about their pitching. Pettitte did what he's been doing most of the season, Clemens was, how shall we say, effectively wild?, and much more-likable (but still unlikable) Wang today.
  • Just a feeling (I didn't see him today), but I hope Okajima is just gassed and going through a dead-arm period. Much as it pains me to say it, Gagne (ugh...) and MDC should take on more so he can rest for several games.
  • Call Francona's ejection today a sacrifice, because playing the rest of the game with Youk thrown out would've taken some interesting juggling. He ran outside the baseline. Let's all admit it if we haven't.
  • 85 degrees. Say whatever you want, Yankee trolls, but that shouldn't have produced enough sweat to make Joba Chamberlain miss in the same spot twice in a row unless he purposely didn't wipe his fingers in-between. I don't think he was trying to hit KY, but I do think Angel Hernandez made the right call.
  • Related to the last point: if Beckett is in line for a start against the MFYs at Fenway, I fear he will just stand at the mound and hit as many Yankees as he can, whether they're at the plate or not, in retaliation.
  • Today's game, obviously, was the most embarassing. Losing two close games to a strong team like the Yankees in their home ballpark isn't something to get too concerned about in the long-term. The home team almost always has the advantage in that situation. Today just plain sucked.
  • Emotions have run high the last few days, and I understand it. There's been some exchanges devoid of level-headedness. I'll honestly say it's making me question my involvement here.
  • When rosters expand, I want Brandon Moss rather than Jacoby Ellsbury, if we can only have one. Similar .OBP to Ellsbury, but almost 100 pts better in the SLG department.
  • Nothing we didn't already know, but DP, Papi and Lowell are probably going to carry the offense (if any) the next couple weeks. What does this mean, Terry? It means that if you really want to give Alex Cora a start, Lugo needs to be sitting.
Game 1: Yikes. I guess 'Tek, because his HR gave us something to smile about for a (very) little while.
Game 2: Youk
Game 3: The Schill