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Game Thread: Sox @ Yankees. Buckle Your Seatbelts.

Tonight, it's Josh Beckett against his childhood idol, Roger Clemens. Considering the age of Clemens (59?) and the youth of Beckett (like 17, people), Beckett's childhood may have been the last time Clemens was effective in the AL.

Sox Lineup.

  • Lugo, SS
  • DP, 2B
  • Papi, DH
  • Mike "I'm drivin' this bus" Lowell, 3B
  • Youks, 1B
  • J.D. "Swingin at crap" Drew, RF
  • 'Tek, C
  • Coco "A number of players" Crisp, CF
  • Eric "I really don't know how Kielty and "Being" got injured." Hinske, LF
Yankee Lineup.
  • Johnny "Bleeping" Damon, LF
  • Jeter, "SS"
  • Abreu, RF, except the wall part
  • Alex "Where do I sign, Mr. Moreno?" Rodriguez, 3B
  • Matsui, DH
  • Jorge "The Mets will make me rich, one way or another" Posada, C
  • HGHiambino, "1B"
  • Cano, 2B
  • Melky "I'm not Miguel" Cabrera, CF
  • Bad news for Kevin Cash fans.
  • Backup OF if something happens to Drew or Hinske? Tough to think about, perhaps Kielty should've been DLed in favor of Ellsbury or Brandon Moss. Perhaps he still will be. Youks I suppose, putting Cash or Cora at 1B, though I'm guessing Kevin hasn't taken flyballs since last season.
  • "Traffic cop" will not be here tonight. I'm planning on playing racquetball this evening if everything goes as planned. Hold down the fort, play OTM, go Sox.