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It has been suggested that I am EmpireApples or whatever on PA. This is not the case. If that name is somehow attached to my e-mail address, it is due to someone hacking into my gmail account, and I do not believe this has happened.

I would think that poster(s) who shall remain anonymous at PA would be above such an accusation without hard evidence. Or above insulting even non-trolls in regards to their intelligence level/ability with the English language/whathaveyou.

You can be assured that if I ever were to troll at PA, I would do more than hawk Miguel Cairo autographs or say that Sox Rule, Yankees Suck or whatever. I'd point out evidence to support the latter, or if I didn't have any, I wouldn't post. I haven't posted anything over there since well before I was made an admin here.

This is a plea to fellow OTMers to remain above pointless taunting, insults unrelated to the quality of the organization in the Bronx, or simply lambasting someone because they don't have a full grasp of the English language. Thankfully, this last part hasn't really been a problem around here as long as I've been around.

Also, I suggest that you not troll on PA, though I obviously have no control over any of this. It's pointless and doesn't help anything. From the look of things, the end result of this season should be far more satisfying than anything that could be accomplished through that/those kinds of methods.

Comments are purposely not open for this post. If any one here or at PA wants to talk with me further on this subject, my e-mail address is available on the sidebar. I'm not hiding.

As you'll no doubt notice, I have deleted the diary in question, so if you weren't around for any of this and are wondering what's going on, just feel lucky.