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Game Stories: Catchin' Up. OR 35-6. Take that Rangers.

And your new starting RF for the Boston Red Sox...

...I kid, I kid, though it's hard not to notice that even Kevin Cash had a much bigger impact offensively in the first three games against "the other Sox" than Drew.

On the plus side, a whole f---in lot of runs. Each game seemed to have a few strong performances:

  • Game 1: 'Tek, Lowell
  • Game 2: Papi, Lowell, Youks
  • Game 3: Kielty, Lowell, Coco, DP
The starters didn't do half bad either. In three games, Becks, Schilling, and Wake combined for 18 2/3 IP, 13 Ks, 13 H, 4 ER, 2 HR, 7 BB. Everyone from the 'pen except Paps (who hasn't pitched since Tuesday) saw some action, so don't be surprised if he's in tomorrow in a non-save situation.

By the way, that bullpen? 8 1/3 IP, 2 ER (both Snydes'), 6 Ks.

In short, this is something I think many of us were hoping for, if only for an extreme dose of confidence.

Game 1: 'Tek
Game 2: Papi
Game 3: Bobby Kielty

This should've been longer, but I'm honestly wiped at this point. Start school again on Monday, and inexplicably, I'll probably have more time to write at that point than I do now. Sox go for the sweep behind Batshit McCracken tomorrow.