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Game Story: Memo to Jon Lester. Take your time, I got this.

A face that scares women, children, and the Chicago White Sox.

It just keeps rolling, eh? 4 consecutive games where the Sox have scored in double digits, a 4-game sweep against the "other Sox", and some good pitching all day long.

By the way, if his last two starts are indicative of Batshit McCracken getting over a mid-summer dead arm phase, then we should allow Lester as much time as he needs to hone his control. J-Tav has given us as good a chance to win as any of our starters not named Wakefield in his last two outings, and if he posts a similar performance against the O's later this week, then he should get the rest of the starts in that slot. (If/until he completely melts down, anyway)

Another day of all-around offensive contributions, though I think a few (Kielty, Papi, and Drew!!) really led the attack. After those guys, DP's clutchish two-out RBI single in the 5th provided the actual deciding runs. Everything else was that extremely tasty but cholesterol-free kind of gravy that they don't make.

And what to say about Batshit? 6 IP, 2 H, 3 BB, 7 Ks on 94 pitches. Following him were MDC (who looked pretty good, though I think WGN's gun is slow), Gagne (who looked less bad than he has), and Paps (dominant in a meaningless 9th inning, striking out the side on 13 pitches).

McCracken, who did an excellent job with broom in hand.

Youks, who struck out 3 times and was the only Sox batter not to reach base.