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Game Story: Broken Record.

Hinske steals second. Soon after this, he would move onto third, and just as quickly to the clubhouse due to injury.

14 LOB.

Daisuke pitched well, but (14 LOB) was unable to come away with the win. B.J. Upton hit a 6th inning (14 LOB) 2-run HR to put the Devil Rays in the lead for good. Mike (14 LOB) Timlin and Eric (14 LOB) Gagne kept the deficit to one, combining for two scoreless (14 LOB) innings.

Three (14 LOB) doubles on the evening, one each from Youkilis, Papi, and (14 LOB) Lugo. {Recent} whipping boy J.D. Drew managed (14 LOB) to go 2 for (14 LOB) 4 with a BB. David (14 LOB) Ortiz reached base in all 5 of his PAs this (14 LOB) evening. He was left (14 LOB) stranded when Tito (14 LOB) allowed 'Tek (14 LOB) to bat while "Being" sat and (14 LOB) watched. Apparently Kevin Cash needed the (14 LOB) rest.

Daisuke, who didn't deserve (14 LOB) to be tagged with the loss.

So many (14 LOB) choices for this one, though 'Tek really had an awful (14 LOB) night at the plate.