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Game Story: Wake at the Trop? No problem.

Wanted one of Wake, but how do I resist putting this one up right? Certainly makes me a bigger fan of Raymond, the Rays' mascot who furnished this sign for Coco. As always, thanks to Yahoo! images.

Interesting start to the game, at least on the pitching side of things. Kevin Cash seemed to be channeling his inner Bard as he did the "fish out of water" thing with the knuckler. As Rotoworld notes, Wake and Cash seemed to get more comfortable with each other as the game went on, so hopefully the chance at win #16 in Chicago won't be blown because of passed balls.

Offensively, it was Mike Lowell night. His 2B down the line in the first brought in two runs, and Wake would only need one. Mike would later add a solo HR off of Scott Kazmir. Coco and DP both went 2 for 4 on the night, with DP adding a walk. Coco also contributed a nice sliding catch, while Youks made a great short jump to snag a liner and stepped on the bag to complete an unassisted DP.

Co-Muellers this evening: Wake and Lowell.