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Game Story: The New Guy. (Um, Sox lose.)

This guy cancels HRs and goes 2-3 against LHPs. And. Might scream sometimes. I dunno. Awesome.

So, I was sure that the individual who would let us down today would have been Batshit McCracken. I mean, you could just see it, right? Those pesky Angels and their smallball would just wear him down until he plunked a hometown favorite. Thankfully, that last part didn't happen. ...or did it?

But Tavarez was about as good as we've seen him all year. I didn't get to see the 6th, but one wonders if asking for one more inning would've been too much.

Either way, the offense didn't do shizzle. 10 baserunners, 8 against starter Joe Saunders, and we only got one run across the plate. It didn't help that Lugo got picked off late in the game either. Kevin Cash made his 2007 season debut, throwing out Maicer Izturis at 2B and going 0 for 3 with 2 Ks. We might need to get used to him throwing up those "batting" lines for the next couple weeks.

McCracken and Kielty.

Ol' hat trick Youks here, though he's certainly not the only Red Sox hitter I could have chosen.