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Game Story: Gagne(r) = "To win"

"Can it be considered an embarassment of riches if I'm not embarassed?"

Source: Yahoo!

Playing up that angle? You bet I am.

So I was around most of the night, watching the game, convinced that Steve Traschel had sold something to the devil (to stay in the game this long period, you have to assume his soul is gone already). I left when Kyle Snyder entered the game, in order to meet with some friends. I missed the comeback. Sorry.

Such is the beauty of modern technology however, as I got to catch most of the highlights in the condensed game option of Lugo, DP, Papi, Youks, 'Tek, and most importantly, Garnett. Seriously. An exciting comeback. An exciting first pitch. I haven't been a Celtics fan since the ridiculously untimely death of Reggie Lewis. I might have to actually pay attention to the NBA for once. Where does Dan Majerle play these days?

McCracken was good enough to not make me vomit on my own shoes. Snydes came in and followed his own S.O.P.: walk guys and look lousy then proceed to not give up hits. J-Lo truly vultured the win this evening. We continue to see some market correction from Oki, and Paps was more than solid.

On the non-existant question of "Why was Gagne warming up behind Paps?", I have to imagine it was just coincidence, and/or to give Gagne the chance to feel the energy that pumps through Fenway in such situations. I'm almost certain I will (should?) be attacked for making that last statement.

You say Youks, perhaps? Paps? Papi? KG? Nope. It'll be DP this evening. Got the Sox's first run on the board, scored one on his own, and made an unorthodox steal of 3rd that was well-upstaged in Washington by Brandon Phillips.

WMP, who served as one of the bigger lineup holes in recent memory. 8 LOB? Crisp walked 4 times in front of him.

Know where the caption quote is from? alt: Can you expose my geekery?