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Game Thread: Angels @ Sox. Get back on the horse. Eric Gagne, not so fast.

The Less-"Under the Influence" Weaver takes on Curt "I can do this without Ks" Schilling at 7:05 EDT.

Surprisingly, neither Luis Polonia nor Chad Curtis showed up for last night's game. I can only assume they'll be there tonight, but I guess maybe someone else can put up the lineups when they're available. (Please?)

Silver lining time, but Gagne's 34 pitches last night should make him unavailable. I would guess that no one else would be completely untouchable, though it would certainly behoove the offensive to give us a lead that Timlin or MDC could be easily called on to protect.

If Ellsbury sees another start during his stint, it seems like today would be the day. Sunday's starter, Joe Saunders, is left-handed.

Also. Play OTM. Once again, I'll remind you that the standings probably won't be updated again til Sunday, but rest assured I'm keeping track of everyone's score. I have awarded myself 168 points for being so generous. Where does that put me?