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Doubleheader Doublegoodness. There's no single gum like it.

Game One: The Future Is Well, Not Dim.

  • Clay, while not doing a tremendous job of missing bats, still showed the promise that makes him our top prospect. The 5 Ks seemed to come easy, and I was impressed that he made it 6 innings without an overwhelming pitch count.
  • Offensive lovin' in this game. A true team effort, as the only player who reached 3 times (out of 15 total baserunners) was J.D. Drew.
  • Awful error. Awful. You know the one.
  • Oki and Paps did what they do best: shut the door. I would've thought the Sox might've mixed and matched here, and maybe Tito would've if Gagne weren't here. But these two are our best relievers. Efforts should have been made to make sure one was available for the nightcap.
  • We're going to miss Dougie. I can't believe I just typed that.
Game Two: A New RP Depth Chart.
  • Papelbon
  • Okajima
  • MDC
  • Timlin
  • Snydes
  • McCracken
  • Heathcliff Slocumb
  • Curt Schilling, circa 2005
  • Keith Foulke, circa 2005
  • Hot dog vendor #3
  • Ramiro Mendoza
  • Mike Benjamin
  • The girl I stalk at Border's
  • Little Richard
  • Bob Stanley
  • Calvin Schiraldi
  • John Wasdin
  • The Ghost of Dick Radatz
  • Wally the Green Monster

  • Eric Gagne
Game 1: Oki and Paps. Game 2: Beckett, for a performance worthy of a 16th win.

Game 2: Do I even have to say it?