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Game Thread: Angels @ Sox.

So yeah. We messed up. Things happen. Thankfully, our messup means that 8.79RoadEraIMeanErvinSantana is pitching against Josh Beckett.

By the by, I will be your cruise director all weekend. Randy will be OOT, presumably to fill Kevin Cash's spot for the Pawsox against Ottawa. Or maybe something else. Either way. Remember to do OTM, though I probably won't have updated numbers until Sunday evening (I work a lot this weekend).

Move your OTMs for the night game here, if possible.

Go Sox. I assume the lineups will be as follows:


  1. Luis Polonia
  2. Chad Curtis
  3. J.T. Snow
  4. Chili Davis
  5. Tim Salmon
  6. Greg Myers
  7. Rene Gonzales
  8. Damion Easley
  9. Gary DiSarcina
The rumor is that Kevin Cash will be cloned enough times at the Canadian border so as to occupy every spot in the batting order.