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Buchholz may start Friday for Sox

Looks like the best pitching prospect in Boston's system may make his major league debut on Friday:

With the Sox still working on opening a roster space, manager Terry Francona held off on announcing whether righthander Clay Buchholz would be promoted, as expected, to start one of the games in Friday's day-night doubleheader. The most likely scenario is a trade involving Wily Mo Peña, who was in the starting lineup last night. "That will be up to Theo [ Epstein]," Francona said when asked when a starter will be announced. "Some of it depends on how we get there."

This is a "devil on the left, angel on the right" situation. The devil says: "Yes! Yes! I want to see Buchholz in the majors!" The angel says: "I want to see Buchholz in the majors, but I don't want him to crack like a taco shell, either." It'll be interesting to see how the Sox make room for Buchholz come Friday. Adios, Wily Mo Pena?