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Game Story, 8.13.07: Baseball-related suicides in Boston continue to rise.

Wow. Wake sure did suck tonight. And Lugo was absolutely useless! We should cut him right now. -RSNexile

I'll be honest. I got home and was sure I'd find the "lead" down to 3 games. After downing 7-10 shots for courage, I reluctantly turned on ESPN. What did I find?

Wakefield: 8 IP, 2 H, 2 BB, 6 Ks. Hell yes.

Have to give credit to James Shields, who didn't pitch poorly at all. Given the quality of his second-half and the up-and-down nature of Wakefield, this almost certainly wasn't billed as a pitching matchup.

In support of Wake, Julio Lugo was the main offensive contributor out of the leadoff spot. Yeah. That Julio Lugo, the one who should've been DFA'd months ago in favor of, I dunno, luring the Rooster out of retirement.

The bullpen (i.e. just Paps) was able to avoid any late-inning dramatics from the Devil Rays.