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Game Story: 8.11.07, Josh Beckett Wins Baseball Games, Baby.

Becks delivers a pitch to, most likely, one of many befuddled Orioles hitters. Or your mom.


What can I say? Beckett was good today. Earned every piece of that 15th win. Mueller Award, of course, and I'll make that official at the end of the post.

HT to Aubrey Huff, who may or may not have gotten a break, but put together an excellent AB to keep his team in the game.

Thank goodness Paps did nothing involving nibbling with Mora. Just went after him, and trusted that Mora doesn't have the talent-ability to turn his pitches into hits. Well done.

Offensively, kind of a mixed bag. Gold stars to J.D. Drew, Julio Lugo, DP, Youks, and 'Tek. A hearty "that'll do" to Lowell. And a "get your head out of your ass" award for Coco, "Being", and Papi. The opposite of nice work gentlemen. Get yourselves in the cages early, and let's remember that it's Steve Trachsel tomorrow. You all forgot that last time.

C'mon. Really. I even spoiled it already. Beckett.

The aforementioned three-headed non-monster in the lineup. This could have been really out of reach by the latter innings, and wasn't.