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Open Thread: 8.9.07 @ Baltimore

BOS Matsuzaka (13-8, 3.70) BAL Bedard (12-4, 3.09) Red Sox: Lugo, ss Pedroia, 2b Ortiz, dh Ramirez, lf Youkilis, 1b Lowell, 3b Varitek, c Crisp, cf Pena, rf Orioles: Roberts, 2b Patterson, cf Markakis, rf Tejada, ss Millar, 1b Huff, dh Mora, 3b Hernandez, c Redman, lf
OTM is updated and ready for your predictions.

Here's a programming note, regarding "On The Money." At the end of August, the slates will be wiped clean. Whoever has the most points at the end of August will be declared the regular season champion.

Then in September we're going to start clean and everyone is invited to play. Even if you had zero points in the regular season, you're still eligible to win. The game is going to work a little differently, though. The only thing you'll predict is the "Above & Beyond" feature. The reason I'm doing this is because A) it's a pain to update OTM on a daily basis, B) I'll be back at college with a ridiculously heavy work load, so I want to make sure I can update them every day and C) it'll truely test how good of a prediction maker that everyone is.