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Game Story: Swept by Tigers. Lugo/Frampton Comes Alive.

Sometimes a picture doesn't even need a caption. Source: Yahoo!

So, all in all, Daisuke disappointed today. He allowed 11 baserunners and 3 HRs, all while recording his lowest strikeout total (4), since he was in the womb.

Somewhat surprisingly good work by the bullpen today, with Timlin?!? going 2 scoreless on 18 pitches, and J-Lo working around some early wildness to toss a scoreless 8th.

Our corner OFs were pretty terrible at the plate today, with WMP striking out 3 times, and Drew walking and scoring, but leaving 6 men on. Jeff Bailey had his first ML hit and HR, both in the same AB no less. 'Tek and Pedroia were both 1 for 4 with walks, and their hits at least caused some drama in the 9th. Lowell had a few poor ABs, as well as a SF. Lugo only had his best day of the season, going 3 for 3 with a BB, HR, 2B, and a SB. He drove in two and scored twice.

Dustin made a good play in the field, and 'Tek threw out not one but two baserunners. As MassGal noted, this isn't something we've seen out of Jason lately, and has really been the Achilles' heel of his game for most of his career.

Who else? Julio Lugo. Let's remember how this is done AFTER the break as well, okay buddy?

Daisuke, who didn't have it from the get-go, and didn't improve as the game went on.