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Open Thread: 7.7.07 @ Detroit

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2-0, 5.79
9-1, 3.58


Crisp, cf
Pedroia, 2b
Ortiz, dh
Ramirez, lf
Drew, rf
Lowell, 3b
Varitek, c
Hinske, 1b
Cora, ss
Granderson, cf
Polanco, 2b
Sheffield, dh
Ordonez, rf
Guillen, ss
Rodriguez, c
Thames, 1b
Monroe, lf
Inge, 3b

After a poor 9-2 loss at the hands of Andrew Miller last night, the Sox look to rebound against Tigers' ace Jeremy Bonderman. Julian Tavarez got smacked around last night, so hopefully Kason Gabbard can get the Sox back on track and get deep into the game.

Lineups to be posted later.

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