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Game Story: Sox trounce Rays: Insert your own one-liners.

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"Really guys, thanks, I only asked for 10 runs to celebrate my ASG appearance. No...seriously. That's ENOUGH.
  1. The number of batters sent to the plate in the 1st inning.
  2. The amount of pitchers the Devil Rays used to get through 8 innings of work.
  3. The amount of Ks recorded by Devil Rays pitching against...
  4. The amount of PAs by the Red Sox yesterday.
  5. The amount of those things that works before, presumably, you get bored with the gimmick.
I get the feeling this could've been a legendary performance from Beckett in terms of numbers, if only he hadn't had to sit so long between the first few innings. He clearly had problems with control despite having great stuff (9 Ks).

Not to worry, as Beckett went 6 innings and passed the control problems along to Snyder. Just as an aside, how similar would these two have been as pitchers if Snyder hadn't lost the velocity and bite on his fastball? Tall right-handers with good fastballs and good breaking balls. Timlin, surprisingly, worked the 8th and 9th as pretty uneventful innings.

The lineup. Well. Basically everyone had a good day, even Hinske, who despite his 0 for 2 worked 3 walks. Coco hit a grand slam, probably among the most exciting things to see in baseball (next to triples and scoring from second on wild pitches). Mike Lowell had a monster day at the plate, with 5 hits including a HR. He and No Mercy Crisp both knocked in 5.

In bizarre occurances (btw, we wish Dioner Navarro the best on his recovery), speed demon Raul Casanova almost certainly saw his first career appearance as a pinch-runner. Players like WMP and Jorge Cantu entered the game, officially, as "defensive" replacements. Jonny Gomes actually thought Beckett threw at him purposely during a blowout game.

Ellsbury's initial stint with the Red Sox, certainly a success, came to an end after the game. He'll get some more (probably needed) experience against AAA pitching until an OF callup is required again. Rotoworld has speculated that Craig Breslow (42 2/3 IP, 50 Ks, 1.05 WHIP, 4 HR in Pawtucket) would replace him on the roster, at least through the Detroit series.

Coco, who put the Sox WAY out in front with his GS in the 1st. He also got his 5th RBI on a bases-loaded walk. Tough call between he and Lowell, but it was the runs on his GS that were the eventual deciding factors.

I don't know. Someone somewhere in this world probably deserved it. Nominate somebody.