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Sox call up Bailey, send down Ellsbury

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In a move to continue to rest Kevin Youkilis' sore quad, the Sox called up first baseman Jeff Bailey from Pawtucket today. Jacoby Ellsbury was sent down yesterday.

Bailey, 28, is making his major league debut. At Pawtucket this season, Bailey has hit .250 with 9 home runs in 268 at-bats. His on-base percentage, however, is a Youkilis-like .358 -- .108 points higher than his batting average.

Bailey should primarily hit against lefties in the Tigers series. Bailey has had great success against lefties this season, hitting .301 in 73 at-bats.

Many believed Craig Breslow would be called up to be another arm in the bullpen, but Breslow seems to be getting the shaft. Breslow is one of the best bullpen arms in AAA this season but he seems to get over-looked a lot.