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Sox defeat Devil Rays, 7-5. Lopez makes it interesting.

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Lowell, hoping some of the awesome will rub off on Lugo. Image source: Yahoo!

So that was fun, eh? While I was at work, the Red Sox played a game. Went up 7-1. Then, um, it became 7-5. I'm not a fan of how it happened. I doubt anyone is.

It was a good offensive day, despite a lineup lacking DP, "Being", and Youks. Ellsbury got his first ML XBH and RBI, Lowell had a 2-run HR, and Drewlicious had 2 2Bs.

It's early in July, but if you blinked, you might've missed "Doug Mirabelli's IMPORTANT HIT OF THE MONTH. Make sure you're around for August, I hear he's going to try for an inside-the-park double. Should be fun.

Wake battled, and was neither at his best nor anywhere near his worst this season. He allowed 9 baserunners in 6 1/3, turning the game over to Javier Lopez, who promptly shat the bed worse than he ever has this season. He allowed all three inherited runners to score, allowed one to score of his own, and turned the game over to MDC, who promptly used his mid-high 90s heat and curve to show the Rays that, oh hell yes, he picks his teammates up. Paps got the save on 9 pitches, including 2 Ks and a groundout.

But Lopez. He's been the go-to guy for Tito in those situations, precisely because he's able to get a lot of ground contact on his pitches. It simply wasn't working for him today.

All the same, a win is a win. A 4th of July is, well, 4th of July, and a few Kirin Ichibans never hurt anyone.

MDC. This might be a bit of a surprise call, but he's gotten the Sox out of a couple of jams recently, and is certainly making a play for the job left vacant by Donnelly's injury and Timlin's...well. Anyway.

Has to go to J-Lo, who simply didn't have his best stuff on the mound today. As a LHRP and GB artist, he's been pretty good this season, and unless you thought Wake was going to get out of the jam, he was the right call out of the 'pen. Just didn't work out.