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Sox biggest bidders for Gagne

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Sox leading the way to get Eric Gagne:

The Red Sox are said to be leading at least a three-team race for star Rangers closer Eric Gagne, but Texas is remaining noncommittal about whether they'll trade Gagne at all.

The Red Sox face the same situation they do with Dye -- they aren't one of Gagne's 12 approved teams. Both the Yankees and Mets are on the approved list, meaning Gagne couldn't veto a trade to become an eighth-inning pitcher in New York, as much as he may want to.

There are hints the Red Sox would consider concessions to persuade Gagne to accept a trade, most likely related to his $5 million incentive package based on games finished, which would go away if he's turned into a setup man. But Gagne, the all-time leader in save percentage at 96.2 percent, is believed married to the ninth inning, and the Red Sox already have one of baseball's top two or three closers in Jonathan Papelbon, who graciously sacrificed his position in the rotation to aid the team.

It seems all a waste considering that Gagne will probably say no to a trade to the Sox. However, if he wants to win, the Sox give him a great shot. I guess he has to weigh his priorities.