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Gagne to Red Sox deal nearly done

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The Red Sox are on the verge of trading for Texas Rangers closer, Eric Gagne, pending his approval and a review of his medical records.

Gagne must waive his no-trade clause to Boston for the deal to be completed. According to SI Online, it is possible the Red Sox will allow him to share the closer's role with Jonathan Papelbon. The Red Sox may also modify Gagne's contract to award him incentive regardless of "games finished," which figures into Gagne's current contract.

The Rangers would receive right-hander Kason Gabbard and an additional player or players in the deal, SI reports.

I would welcome a Gagne-for-Gabbard trade, but it will be interesting to learn what other players are involved in the transaction.

Update [2007-7-31 14:43:0 by SoxDevil]:

ESPN's Jason Stark is reporting that the Red Sox acquired Eric Gagne for Kason Gabbard and David Murphy.

Improbably, Steve Buckley is reporting on WEEI that Wily Mo, Craig Hansen, and David Murphy have been traded to the Chicago White Sox for Jermaine Dye.

David Murphy can't be traded to two teams, so odds are that one report is erroneous. I'd wager that the Eric Gagne trade is correct. Stay tuned...