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Soxish Newsish.

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  • Eckstein a possible Sox?
    Thanks to VEBer red blazer for his diary on the subject. Want Eckstein? Want to use this as a jumping off point for finding a better hitting utility IF?
  • Timlin with a sore shoulder.
    Two thoughts. First: Thank goodness there was some logical reason that he wasn't pitching the 10th and/or 11th innings. Second: The first thought reminds me of how much it seems we've come to count on Timlin since his return. Let's hope we can rest him again tomorrow and he'll be ready for Tuesday vs. the Orioles.
  • Matt Clement "sighting".
    Anyone have any idea what you'd like to do with Clement if he can pitch a couple games down the stretch and prove he's healthy? Some quotes I had read from him earlier suggest he'd take a very low salary for a chance with the Sox, since he feels he hasn't lived up to his contract. I'll save the sarcastic comments I could make and say this: Taking a flier on Matty would be fine. (If) He's healthy and good in ST, let him start and give Buchholz and/or Lester some more time if they need it. If not, then maybe we'll only be out another additional $1-2M.
  • Just read it.
    The backstory to the Tek-Lowe trade and I personally never realized how actively the Sox pointed out the M's need for a RP. Also, see if you can spot a current Yankee 3B making a throwing error. Classic.