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Game Story, 7.29.07: Dingers are the name of the game

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Source: Yahoo!
Ball ... ball ... BALL! Think these two need to communicate a little better? It seems like they do this at least once a game.

Not much to say about this one. Dice-K looked good for the first six innings and then got slapped around a little bit. To make it worse, Manny D got slapped around, too. The D-Rays scored five runs in the 7th thanks to three home runs. It was over there.

The Sox tried to make it interesting with Youk and Manny solo shots in the 8th, but it was like that old cliche says: Too little, too late.


  • Julian Tavarez pitched the 8th and allowed one hit while striking out one.
  • Wily Mo Pena went 2 for 3 after getting the start in right field. Think he's worried about losing his job? Personally, I think if we trade him and he gets a starting job as a DH somewhere, he'll mash the ball.
  • Dustin Pedroia returned to the lineup and had two hits. Glad to see him back in there.
  • There are some days where I think the Sox are fine with the roster they have now. There are others, like today, where it seems like they could need a thing or two. I don't think the Sox will pull of a blockbuster trade before Tuesday, but a small addition or two could make the difference (speed off the bench, anyone?)

WINNER: Let's give it to Scrappy Doo.

WINNER: Manny D, even though it hurts to say it.