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Trade "News"?

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We'll make this quick. I'm tired. Some rumors involving the Sox and whatnot, former Sox players, or those who might have an impact on the AL East race.

  • Dye not to the Sox, for now.
    Something about being guaranteed to play 5 days a week? Dye is clearly off whatever type of chair he likes to sit in, as there's no way he takes that much PT on this team.
  • Hillenbrand a Padres AAA player.
    Let's go ahead and make a pact, OTMers. Let's agree that just because something doesn't cost you a lot, it doesn't mean it's a good move. This is a move for Kevin Towers that reminds you of the opposite of those oh-so-clever Vonage commercials: One stupid decision among many many smart ones.
  • The DRays want too much for Ty Wigginton.
    You probably already knew this. Wigginton equals pop + no patience. Plays a variety of positions (1B, 2B, 3B, LF, RF), and might make sense if we had a bunch of LHHs at these positions. We don't. Plus, I think the Rays were asking not only for MDC or Justin Masterson, but their first-born sons as well. Talk about a misconception.
  • Any other rumors you've heard? (Destinations for WMP? SP insurance for Schill? A miracle cure for uselessus battus for 'Belli?) In addition, think of some on your own. For example, it's probably best for Brandon Moss if he seeks more opportunistic if not greener pastures. Who has use for a 23 y/o RF with good power, patience, and an arm in the OF? Do they perhaps have a mid-ceiling 3B prospect they'd like to send us?