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Game Story: Wake Keeps DRays at Bay. Yeah. I went there.

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Yahoo! says these two are high-fiving each other. I contend that they probably missed, whether on purpose (Coco doesn't want to catch uselessus battus from Dougie) or not.

Sox Win, 7-1.

The Devil Rays. Yeah. We beat em. Feels good, despite all the factors in our favor going in. Wake continues to pitch well in domes, leading me to wonder how pissed off traditionalists would be if the words "retractable roof" and "Fenway Park" appeared together.

MDC and Snydes kept it low-key in the late innings, ensuring a win.

On the hitting side of the offensive side of the run-scoring side of things, Youks obviously led the charge with his 3-run HR, while Drew, Crisp, and 'Belli added RsBI (HT: FJM) of their own. Every member of the Sox with a PA tonight reached base at least once. Nice job fellas.

Unfortunately, despite reaching base and scoring, The Wrath of CoN was unable to extend his hitting streak. Despite this terrible news, hitting feats did occur tonight. This guy in San Francisco hit his 754th HR, and I hear he just dropped the bat, bent over and swung his giant frickin head at the pitch.

Wake, who turned in a good performance just to remind us that he could.

Jason Hammel and the rest of the Rays' pitchers, for not giving Lugo more to work with in order to extend his streak.