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Game Story: Wily Mo feels Brady Clark nipping at his heels.

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These two don't split a series to the Indians. Especially that guy on the left. Lazy bastard.

Source: Yahoo

Yeah. Yeah. I mean, hell yes everyone. Let's get the negative out of the way first. Gabbolicious lost it a bit in the 5th inning. This is okay, because Cliff Lee never had it. I'm not talking about those ridiculouso eBay commercials either. Anyone catch him tipping his hat to the crowd at Jacobs Field as he was pulled? Yikes. As our "friend" Hawk Harrelson would say: "He gone."

Positive? Everyone but Youks had a hit, and he still reached base twice. Leading the charge was "Being" with a 3-4, BB, 2 HR, 4 RBI, 4 R batting line. His assistant on this night? Not pictured: WMP. 4 for 5, barely missing out on the cycle, knocked in 4, scored twice, and was not one of the 5 struck out by Indians' pitching.

Tavarez had some difficulty, especially after a Lugo fielding error, but this was still a mostly-comfortable win. Speaking of The Wrath of CoN, he extended his hitting streak with a single from the leadoff spot. Too many good hitting performances to list, though Lowell's hit with the bases loaded was nice.

Okajima and J-Lo brought us home safely, with easy uneventful 8th and 9th innings respectively.

Who else? "Being", for his carry the team on his back effort to win the game, and I even heard he paid for everyone's drinks later. (This part probably not true.) I'd say anyone who had WMP down as their PoTG probably deserves points too.

I'll go with Lugo, whose error didn't really help anyone to relax or feel able to go to bed early.