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Brady Clark a PawSox.

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A relatively minor move.

He plays CF for Pawtucket for now, and with WMP almost certainly headed out of town at the deadline, he'd probably come up as the team's 4th OF.

He can back up Coco in CF, and would probably serve as a PR in the late innings for someone like Lowell, Tek, Manny, Papi, etc.

As Roto suggests, this doesn't preclude a move for Bobby Kielty should he become a FA, but we need our 4th OF to play CF, and I'm convinced Kielty isn't even a backup possibility out there.

Clark ranked only below Corey Patterson in Revised Zone Rating among qualified ML CFs in his last full-ish season, 2006. However, this may have been the high-water mark in terms of his defense. Expect slightly less range than Coco, he probably won't make a fool of himself out there nor come up with a whole lot of OF assists.

He has decent speed, hence the PR suggestion, but he's not been very successful as a base-stealer in his career (59%, ugh). Hopefully he won't be given the green light. Career batting line of .277/.356/.386. His platoon splits suggest slightly better power against LHPs, but no real difference in BA or OBP.