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Game Story: Kicked In The Teeth.

Josh Beckett threw only one bad pitch all night. It wasn't this one. Fausto Carmona threw none.

Source: Yahoo!

These just aren't fun. I had a feeling the pitching duel was going to live up to it's billing, so it felt over the minute the HR was hit. Nothing to do about it except go for the next one. I imagine this is exactly how Indians fans felt last night. Kudos to Carmona, who put together an excellent outing.

Management questions? I got 'em. Lowell should've seen an AB. Despite Cora's IF single, Lugo's hit streak should've been put on the line (Was it anyway? Can't remember the rules on that).

7 baserunners all night. The Tek CS was almost certainly a botched hit-and-run, and the problem with PR Lugo is that that's almost certainly what he's out there for (SB attempt). Give me a deep double, and I think either Cora or Lugo score, so you have to think the Indians were more prepared than usual for Lugo to run.

Youks committed an error, but it was at 3B, so his 1B streak stays alive.

Beckett, who was clearly the hard-luck loser tonight.

Tito, for letting less talented hitters bat while Lowell and Lugo watched.