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Game Story: [Insert Inappropriate Joke About Inches] Also, Sox Win Game Against Indians

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There's really no overstating how close this team is.

Source: Yahoo

This is one of those games that has you reaching for the Pepto-Bismol. Anything could put the win in jeopardy, and with "Walks" Matsuzaka on the mound, who knows what could happen? However, Daisuke put in an excellent performance, reminding us of his good run of starts from early June to his first in July. He had it tonight, and needed to while going up against C.C. Sabathia.

Offensively, there's little to tell. Manny and Youks both went 2 for 4. Lowell knocked in Youks with an RBI single, which could've been an out had Francisco been playing a little further up. Julio Lugo extended his hitting streak and notched the Sox's only XBH with a 2B.

The bullpen? Textbook, ladies and gents. Okajima for the 8th, Paps to nail it down and wear the game face.

Daisuke, for outdueling a true ace like Sabathia.

I'll go with Drew. He looked pretty awful in striking out 3 times in 3 PAs. Dishonorable mention to Tito for leaving WMP in LF during the 8th and 9th when Hinske was almost certainly available to upgrade the LF D to "decent" from "horrifying"
Up Next: Another likely pitcher's duel, with Becks taking on Fausto Carmona. If nailbiters are your thing, enjoy.