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Schilling feels strong after Pawtucket outing

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Curt Schilling is back and posting at his blog, 38 Pitches:

It's been what seems like months since I've been able to compete and even longer since my arm felt like, well, my arm. These past 14 days have seen what I consider to be incredible changes in the feel of everything. I was skeptical that there could be even minor improvement, other than what a few weeks rest might offer, when the plan was first laid out for me but I'm buying into it all now.

After playing catch the other day I talked with Jon at length about how incredible my arm felt, but more importantly how differently the ball felt coming out of my hand. There just seemed to be much more life in the arm and on the ball with every throw.

Today I felt good, certainly better than at any point this year, with regards to my shoulder and overall life in my arm. The bullpen was erractic to say the least, from a command standpoint, but that didn't concern me.

So with Schilling making one more start at Pawtucket, we'll see Julian Tavarez a little bit longer. With Kason Gabbard's fantastic outings the last couple times out, he'll be a fixture in this rotation until someone dethrones him.

I like this healthy starting five:

Josh Beckett
Daisuke Matsuzaka
Curt Schilling
Tim Wakefield
Kason Gabbard

I don't think the Sox absolutely need to grab another starting pitcher, but I can see them doing so before the trade deadline. It'll be a shame to knock Kason out of the rotation (unless he pulls a 180 until then) but he really has been a diamond in the rough this year.