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Game Story: Red Sox Win a Series. No. Not a Typo.

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"No, YOUR shirt looks ridiculous/riddikulus."

Source: Yahoo

That was great and exhausting. We had good Wake for the most part, I thought Tito pulled him at the right time AND for the right person. MDC looked a little too aware of the fact that a swing at a low FB would probably result in two outs and him getting out of the inning. He hit his spots, but the White Sox weren't biting. Luckily, Okajima isn't interested in helping teams start or extend rallies, and put out the fire while adding another 3 low blood-pressure outs in the 8th.

Then Paps came in, and looked pretty awful to be honest. He was wild, often missing with his FB and barely (being able to) going to his splitter.

On the offensive side of things, yeah, this is how it's done. We worked-were given 8 walks from White Sox pitching. Some timely HRs from Lowell and "Being" gave us six of our runs, while a "Being" RBI single and a Youks SF accounted for the rest. Julio Lugo was able to extend his hitting streak, Youk in general looked better at the plate.

On the other offensive side of things, Hawk Harrelson is awful. That is all.

"Being", who had a great day at the plate, knocking in 4 of the 8 Boston runs and reaching base in all 5 appearances.

MDC and Paps, for making the 7th and 9th innings a lot more interesting than they needed to be.