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Game Story, 7.20.07: Sox win? Lugo is hot? Wow?

Source: Yahoo!
Terry Francona is pissed. Rightfully so.

Boys and girls, let's stand up and clap our hands because the Boston Red Sox have won a game and the offense actually was clicking. Weird, huh? Yeah, they were even hitting the ball when there was runners in scoring position. Clutch hits! I love it. The clutch hits haven't been the Sox's friends for the past, oh, well, four months?, but last night was a sight to see for sure. Coco Crisp hit a triple into right with the bases loaded and Julio Lugo smacked a grand salami off starter Jose Contreras in the 8th.

Speaking of smacked, JD Drew knocked a three-run home run over the Monster in the first inning but it was called back by the umpires. Here's a question: if a ball is traveling downward and hits a vertical wall, how does the ball BOUNCE UP?! It's impossible; Ask Einstein or someone.

Josh Beckett, although he went only six innings, only made one mistake pitch. That was to Jim Thome who hit a three-run home run. Beckett struck out a season-high 10 White Sox in just six innings. It's nice to see at least one consistent Sox starter.

Let's get back to Lugo. He was good last night. Damn good. He went 3 for 4 with two runs and four runs batted in and a stolen base. The guy is on fire. One interesting note is that every Sox starter except Dustin Pedroia scored at least one run.

One last game note, *David Ortiz* left the game due to a sore shoulder after a bad slide into second base.

WINNER: Mr. Julio Lugo

WINNERS: Marty Foster, Fieldin Culbreth, Paul Schrieber, and Tim Mcclelland