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Game Story: Sox lose 543rd straight game.

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Youks drops his bat/prop. Pierzynski probably does some douchebaggery in the background.

Source: Yahoo!

This team is literally harder to watch than most NHL and NFL franchises right now. And none of those teams are PLAYING at the moment. They're harder to watch then it'll be to watch new media darling David Beckham (who absolutely did NOT move here for the publicity and/or to resurrect his wife's singing career) of the Los Angeles Galaxy will be on Saturday (he likely won't be well enough to play).

Screwed by umps or not, this team needs to take advantage of all the runners it puts on base. When is a good hitting team NOT a good hitting team? When it's this one. And I'm not even sure what to do about it but wait it out. Pick up someone who's good with RISP? Fine, I guess, but is that something that is really a skill, or a function of luck AND being a good hitter in most other situations as well?

I'm not entirely against a lineup shakeup. I just don't even know what to do at this point. Do I think we'll still win the division? Probably. Is there a point? Is this a team that can get past either the Indians or the Tigers when it gets to the playoffs, as currently constructed?

Writing angry is probably about as smart as going to the grocery store when you haven't eaten in 6 1/2 days, but it's the only way I can write after tonight.

MDC who inherited two baserunners from Daisuke and stranded both. If Theo is exploring bullpen options, I firmly believe he's wasting his time. A starting pitcher and a bench bat who doesn't need everyday PT to become effective are the needs.

Youks, who struck out twice and left 5 on all by himself. This is the recent norm with Kevin, and it really wasn't for a long time.