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ASG Selections.

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So, after an actual meaningful game was extended to extra innings in Florida (which the Marlins eventually won), it was time for the ASG selection show on TBS. This is the team that will be bringing you the Division Series coverage, so hold on to your hats people. They were exciting...

Anyway. 5 Sox players on the roster, and one who could go eventually.

  • David Ortiz, Starting 1B.
  • Josh Beckett, Starting Pitcher.
  • Jonathan Papelbon, Closer.
  • Mike Lowell, Backup 3B.
  • Manny Ramirez, Holding Gary Sheffield's spot for a few days.
And your final vote candidate:
  • Hideki Okajima, Overall Badass.
  • Of the Final Vote candidates, Okajima is best in a stat called Pitching Runs Created (analogous to offensive Runs Created), ERA, FIP (Fielding Independent Pitching), second in WHIP and K/9 (both behind Pat Neshek)
  • The question isn't whether Okajima is at least one of the two best choices available (the other being Neshek), it's whether some of these were the correct choices at all. Did Halladay really deserve a slot over guys like Baltimore's Jeremy Guthrie and Erik Bedard? Our own Daisuke Matsuzaka? Joe Blanton of the A's? James Shields of the Devil Rays? And that's not all, nor even getting started on position players.
  • The choice of Michael Young is the AL nomination, this season, for the Mark Redman "Every Team Shouldn't Be Represented" award. Although, a nod to one of Texas's two excellent relievers (Gagne and Otsuka, amongst what is a pretty good bullpen as a whole) would've been acceptable.
  • The reasons why the combination of Freddy Sanchez of the Pirates and Ben Sheets of the Brewers or Cole Hamels of the Phillies went over some combination of Ian Snell (Pirates) and Hanley Ramirez (Marlins) are in the last bullet of this post.