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Game Story: J-Tav keeps rolling. Sox lose anyway.

DP symbolizes the "hit" the Sox took yesterday. Source: Yahoo.

So yeah. That kind of sucked. Tavarez allowed two runs, only one earned, and took the loss because (and I haven't seen video, so I'm not certain) David Ortiz continues to not hold the bat by the thin end. I've searched and searched for other explanations for his .669 OPS the last two weeks, and that seems like the only logical explanation. Tavarez wasn't at his best, allowing 10 baserunners of his own, plus the 2 who reached on errors. Still, he did an excellent job minimizing the damage, and deserved more than to be handed his 6th loss.

In other news, our bullpen continues to kick something and take something else. Lopez got two ground balls on 5 pitches, MDC pitched 1 2/3 scoreless with a K, and Okajima threw a perfect 9th on 9 pitches. The MDC appearance was particularly encouraging, since Timlin would've often been the choice in seasons past.

I can't comprehend the reasons behind the Papi slump. When your #1 and #2 hitters combine to reach base 6 times in 10 PAs, at least one of them should score. Instead, Youks (along with Cora) accounted for our only run. I'm not sure if a lineup shakeup shouldn't be considered at this point.

Cora's error was a surprising one from a fielder like him, and Drew's, if one wanted to, could be blamed on his unfamilarity with Jacoby Ellsbury.

This is a tough choice, but I'll go with Youks, who came up with the only "timely" hit of the afternoon. But for his error, this could have been Cora, in honor of his excellent (and ballsy) baserunning.

David Ortiz. It pains me to keep doing this, but he reached base 0 times and stranded 5 baserunners all by himself.