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Reggie Sanders would play for Red Sox

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Royals' outfielder (and career journeyman) Reggie Sanders said yesterday that he'd be for a trade to play for the Boston Red Sox, according to the Boston Herald:

"No, not at all," Sanders said when asked if he would be adverse to a trade to the Red Sox. "It's a great group of guys over there. I have never played there, but I have felt like I have just because of the way they embrace everybody."

Sanders has relished his role of elder statesman on this ultra-youthful Royals team for the past 1 1/2 seasons. But he also has heard about the euphoria that can come with playing in Boston from his friend Curt Schilling [stats]. And there is also the prospect of making a fourth World Series appearance.

"I think so," Sanders said when asked if the Red Sox would be among the teams at the top of his list, if traded. "(Schilling) is probably over there trying to make it happen right now."

I say pull the trigger, Theo. Sanders would be a great fourth outfielder and probably a really good mentor to some of the younger players. He'd be a great power bat off the bench.

In terms of what to trade to the Royals, I don't think he'd cost too much. Maybe a few middle-road prospects could land him in Boston. I'm not sure what the Royals want or need, but I'm sure they could search through our farm system and find something that interests them.

Should the Sox try and get Sanders?